Dentures To You

    Dentures To You continually strives for quality and perfection. Each denture is created with care and understanding of the patients needs. Dentures To You is a mobile clinic built on a foundation of trust and dedication to guarantee peace of mind for everyone.


    Full Dentures

    They are made from acrylic and can be designed with your choice of tooth style and colour.


    Partial Dentures

    Each partial denture is individually designed for function and aesthetics. It is supported by the natural remaining teeth and gums.


    Flexible Dentures

    Flexible dentures are suggested when the patient is faced with discomfort that cannot be helped or fixed through a standard reline.

    The Perfect Team

    Our team strives to help you build the smile you deserve!

    Peter Nouris

    Dental Prosthetist / Senior Dental Technician

    Alexander Petratos

    Dental Prosthetist / Senior Dental Technician

    It’s ok, we will come to you

    Dentures To You are a team willing to help their patients in any way they can. Our reliable team will offer their services and come to you!

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